Street Art and Muralism Mehsos: Fragmented and deconstructed walls

Mehsos is a Belgian street artist who works on the theme of graphically deconstructed.
Passionate about murals, he also paints in his studio on different media.
He travels to paint around the world at events, festivals or on request.
He also offers his works for private walls.

Deconstruction theme...

Street Art portraits on walls

Mehsos has been developing his work on walls for several years.
His style is characterized by breaks and pieces of dynamic triangles in various shades.
In Belgium and various countries around the world, Mehsos works on "passing time" by developing large murals.
Subjects wich are sometimes figurative or abstract.
This deconstruction reminds us of the fragility of the moment, of things.
A zoom of his wall creations makes us feel a sense of graphic abstraction.

Aerosols and Acrylic painting

The main tool is aerosol can to paint murals.
This medium ensures free movement.
Montana, Molotow, Loop, Amsterdam or Liquitex offer materials of various pressures, and a lot of color charts for creative freedom.
Mehsos uses hues colors to keep a color guideline and sometimes works with tape or stencils.

Travels, Festivals and walls organized around the globe

Mehsos continues to travel in differents countries.
A desire probably coming from childhood and from numerous stays.
A taste for exploration also comes from Graffiti Culture, to paint in other cities, other atmospheres.
The discovery for unknown places opens the fields of inspiration.
The artistic journey breaks geographical,social or linguistic bordes. Art become a universal language.
Emotions and the energy of painting becomes an unexpected exchange.
Sharing with population or artists makes Mehsos to share his artistic activity.
The muralist continues to travel, he's also requested at Street art festivals.

Last Event

  • A wildcat in the center of Prague in the Czech Republic

    A wildcat in the center of Prague in the Czech Republic

    Graffiti and Street Art are numerous in Prague in Czech Republic and especially in the aera of Tesnõv where Mehsos has made a defragmented wild cat head.

A unique experience

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