Street Art, Muralism and Monumental Painting Mehsos: Frescoes, fragmented and deconstructed wall decorations

Mehsos is a Belgian street artist who works on the theme of graphically deconstructed portraits and animal heads.
Passionate about monumental painting, he also paints in his studio on different media.
He colours the walls during his travels abroad and travels to paint facades around the world at events, festivals or on request.
He also offers his works for private walls.

Deconstruction as a theme ...

Large-format Street Art portraits on façades

The artist Mehsos has been developing his work on walls for several years.
His style is characterized by breaks and pieces of dynamic triangles in various shades.
In Belgium and various countries around the world, Mehsos creates monumental frescoes in large formats.
Subjects that are figurative and that let us travel according to the dislocated pieces of geometry.
Nevertheless, a zoom of his wall creations makes us feel a feeling of deep, transparent and subtle graphic abstraction.

Aerosols and Exterior painting

The painter Mehsos's favourite tool remains the aerosol can for the execution of wall frescoes.
This medium allows to ensure a free gesture despite an assumed graphic approach.
Colour charts with many shades allow you to keep your creative freedom.
However, the dimensions of monumental frescoes sometimes require acrylic roller painting to ensure opacity on large wall .

Festivals and walls organized around the globe

Mehsos continues to roam outside the Belgian borders in order to paint his style outside in a more spontaneous way.
At the meetings of the Street Art movement enthusiasts, he multiplies the walls through the megacities to the benefit of the population and local inhabitants.
He is also solicited during contemporary Urban Art festivals or Street Art events for the realization of decorative facades.

Additional information  

You are organizing a monumental mural painting event or you would like information on how to create indoor or outdoor frescoes in Belgium and elsewhere.
Contact Mehsos for more information.

Last Event

  • A wildcat in the center of Prague in the Czech Republic

    A wildcat in the center of Prague in the Czech Republic

    Graffiti and Street Art are numerous in Prague in Czech Republic and especially in the aera of Tesnõv where Mehsos has made a defragmented wild cat head.

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