Realization of a monumental mural on a building in Croatia

As I've evolved, I've progressed towards mural work close to "Cubism". and I'm currently refocusing on animal portraits. Whether in Belgium or on my travels, I continue to explore various themes in my studio and on walls.

Three axes of creation.

I create murals along three creative axes.I defragment abstract movements, deconstruct animal heads on projects abroad and work on portraits deconstructed into dozens of colored fragments.

Local geometric fauna.

I work on the aspect of ephemeral existence, deconstructing portraits of various animal species. I choose to work on this theme mainly during international projects. Depending on the territories I visit, and in order to raise awareness of the beauty of the surrounding nature, I take inspiration from a local animal and represent it in situ.

A feline in Vukovar on 5 floors.

In view of my participation in several events, including the Iberian Wolf in Lisbon, the "VukovART" team contacted me via my website to suggest I take part in their annual festival. They proposed the creation of a 17-meter-high work, in the heart of a residential district. Vukovar is a town in eastern Croatia, on the banks of the Danube. Having been reintroduced to Croatia, I wanted to work on the portrait of a lynx.

"The Diamond Lynx".

As this is a protected species in Europe, my artistic approach for this project was to accentuate, in graphic form, this vulnerable aspect. The idea of integrating it into a diamond recalls its fragile, precious appearance. The warm hues evoke the feline's coat. While the bluish colors of the background accentuate the idea of the diamond, creating depth in the mural.

Prints available.

For this project, signed and numbered prints of the canvas and the monumental mural are available for sale. The lynx on canvas is also available.

One-click request.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any requests for monumental works or for the acquisition of an authentic canvas

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