Creation of a mural in Lisbon for the Loures Arte Publica festival

I explore the theme of deconstruction through a variety of subjects, both in the studio and on walls. Between the conception of abstract paintings and the creation of faces with rectilinear volumes, I create mural portraits of mammals, birds, wild animals and other living creatures on my travels abroad.

The portrait of a graphic Iberian wolf in the heart of Lisbon.

Following an invitation from the "Festival Loures Arte Publica" for their 3rd edition. I had the opportunity to paint a 150 m2 façade on the outskirts of Lisbon. The aim of this event has been to paint the walls of the "Quinta do mocho" district since its first edition. Given the number of artists present at this year's event, the organizers decided to take over the surrounding walls. For a week, I created a mural depicting an Iberian wolf in the animal's colors. A mix of orange and grey hues on a black background to highlight the subject.

A work of lettering that resonates with Graffiti.

The scientific name "Canis Lupus Signatus" is watermarked on the work.The use of letters accentuates the urban aspect, inspired by the graffiti movement through the representation of lettering.

A link between urban art and the city of creation.

I work on the theme of "Deconstruction", in which animal and bird heads are represented intriangular shapes and placed in large formats on the walls of the various cities I visit. The species painted are thus directly linked to the place where they were created, the aim being to raise public awareness of the animals in their region.

Creative intuition.

In depicting animal physiognomy, I explore the skin of the painted creature in geometric forms. I revisit the material graphically and create a painting dynamic, which I combine with my own intuition and vision of the animal. In addition to the temporal aspect, I try to establish a relationship between the creature represented and my personal feelings. My own instinct then becomes a creative guide for painting the animal.

A unique experience.

Taking part in this major festival in Portugal was an opportunity to meet many artists from allover the world. In all, no fewer than 80 artists came together over the course of a week. A great opportunity to share unique and creative moments. Among the artists present: L7M, Le collectif Licuado, Maye, Swed, Hopare, Russ, Bust the Drip, Thiago Mazza, smok, Wallin', Cuore, ...

Are you interested in wall deconstruction?

If you'd like more information about my work depicting animal physiognomy. Please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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A unique experience

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